Do ‘Garden Cities’ Actually Con...

Gardens are truthfully stunning and relaxing upon first sight. For the next few minutes, natural distractions help you focus on relaxation. However, i...


Kenyan Attacker Was Official’s So...

According to Kenya’s Interior Ministry, one of the four gunmen who had murdered 148 people in a college in Kenya the last week was the son of a Keny...


Greece To Be Grilled By EU Leaders ...

As Greece’s Prime Minister Attempts to finally break down the country’s strict austerity measures, EU prepares to grill the Greeks for the country...


Netanyahu Vs. Obama: Obama Must Rea...

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in the US Congress answering an invitation from the Republican Party. In his speech, he made clear one...

Do ‘Garden Cities’ Actually Contribute To The Health?

Gardens are truthfully stunning and relaxing upon first sight. For the next few minutes, natural distractions help you focus on relaxation. However, is there evidence that ‘Garden Cities’ actually contribute to a person’s well-being?

The UK plans to reinvent Ebbsfleet, where there are new buildings and has become an ‘industrial paradise’, whichever connotation anybody wants to read it.

Environmentalists are praising the effort as it replaces everything with energy-efficient structures, green spaces and car-free zones, all the modern troubles of urban life blown away in one second.

Urban planners Arup had researched green cities to contribute to the well-being of its citizens and help the city become more prosperous and safer. They predict that two out of three cities in the world will live in such cities.

According to Arup Director of Landscape and Urbanism Tom Armour, humans are ‘hard-wired to enjoy nature’.

Exeter University’s 17-year study had found that UK residents who reside in greener urban environments have lower anxiety levels and had higher states of well-being.

A classic study, used as a related literature of the current study, showed that patients who are recovering from surgery recovered faster with a view of trees from their bed.

However, there are still more troubles ahead.

The greening of poor environments could possibly drive up property prices and force low income residents out. Marginalisation may widen as a result.

Kenyan Attacker Was Official’s Son

According to Kenya’s Interior Ministry, one of the four gunmen who had murdered 148 people in a college in Kenya the last week was the son of a Kenyan government official.

The officials said on Sunday that the gunman was killed by Kenyan security forces during the attack at the university campus as Abdirahim Abdullahi. His father was an official in Kenya’s Mandera district.

The Official reported his son had been missing last year, only to resurface as an attacker in the incident.

He was reported to have studied law at Kenya’s Nairobi University. He was a top student according to the Interior Ministry Spokesperson Mwenda Njoka. The man then disappeared without a trace from his friends and family.

“The family told us that he became withdrawn and very critical of everything and everyone,” Mr. Njoka said. “The family is Muslim, but Abdirahim criticized them about how they behaved and worshipped. At first, the parents thought he was just being a typical teenager, until he disappeared.”

Kenyan Islamic Radicalism is on the rise and were drawn into training camps in Somalia. They are given promises of a meaningful life in Kenya’s notorious Islamic extremist group al-Shabaab, which had previously pledged to al-Qaeda its loyalty.

Kenyan authorities supect that militants from Somalia who infiltrated the Somali communities were largely responsible for the massacre.

Greece To Be Grilled By EU Leaders Over Austerity

As Greece’s Prime Minister Attempts to finally break down the country’s strict austerity measures, EU prepares to grill the Greeks for the country’s past misgivings and ambitious requests. The latest Brussels summit is Greece’s few chances left to convince their creditors for additional time and avoid bankruptcy.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is the only one who could or could not convince EU to help the country float over its impending bankruptcy. After Greek Financial Minister Yanis Varoufakis’ failures to convince EU’s Finance Ministers, Greece sits at the brink of downfall.

Meanwhile, EU Parliament President Martin Schulz said that the Greek financial situation was dangerous. Greece needs more than €2-3 billion to help it avoid an bankruptcy. He added that it is only a short-term solution.

“So it would be good if Greece fulfils the obligations that it has agreed to – then further money will flow,” said Schulz.
“The willingness of the Greek government to cooperate must improve.”
Economic Chief of the EC Pierre Moscovici said:
“We completely support the objective of helping those who are most vulnerable in Greek society, those who have been struck by the crisis. But there must be consultations on new measures. We have to be able to evaluate the budgetary impact of the measures being proposed.”

Netanyahu Vs. Obama: Obama Must Realise The Growing Threats

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in the US Congress answering an invitation from the Republican Party. In his speech, he made clear one thing; he found Obama’s initiative to offer dispenses to Iran as something that could threaten the entire world.

In his speech, he said that the US is “paving the way” for Iran’s nuclear bomb. He highlighted that the IS only had “butcher knives” while Iran had a nuclear bomb and intercontinental ballistic missles.

According to Congressman Adam Kinzinger R-Channahon, “Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address reinforced my serious concerns about the direction of ongoing negotiations with Iran,” said Kinzinger, who has been outpsoken about tougher Iranian sanctions. “A compelling case was made as to why we must reject any deal that allows Iran a pathway that could be used to obtain nuclear weapons. It is time for this administration to stop ignoring the growing threats facing the international community and listen to the calls of our allies to demand Iran give up any nuclear enrichment for the long term.”

Republicans had greatly cheered Netanyahu’s speech, but US President Barack Obama said that Netanyahu “did not offer any solution or alternative”.

He said that the US and the world need insight on what is happening inside Iran, which is why the sanctions are needed. To turn a blind eye on Iran for its economic activities is a risk that can endanger the world.

Health Experts Blame US Food Companies and Lax Governance For Obesity Spread

With major numbers of US children consuming more than 200 calories in a day, health experts point to a lack of government intervention and prodigious advertising and marketing by food companies for obesity.

According to the Lancet Medical Journal’s new estimates, children in the US consume 50% more calories than they did in 1970. They also weigh 11 more pounds than they did 30 years ago.

The US food industry earns £13 billion yearly from extra eating and uncontrolled habits by US citizens. Because of the large revenue, a lacking balance in favour of economic growth compromises health.

The research highlighted the problem of obesity and the food companies’ interest in targeting children with processed foods and sweetened drinks.

It also indicated that at a young age, children’s appetites are shaped by processed infant foods. It could also build taste preference, brand loyalty and high profits.

Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health Researcher Dr. Christina Roberto said “Our understanding of obesity must be completely reframed if we are to halt and reverse the global obesity epidemic.

“On one hand, we need to acknowledge that individuals bear some responsibility for their health, and on the other hand recognise that today’s food environments exploit people’s biological (eg, innate preference for sweetened foods), psychological (eg, marketing techniques), and social and economic (eg, convenience and cost) vulnerabilities, making it easier for them to eat unhealthy foods.

“It’s time to realise that this vicious cycle of supply and demand for unhealthy foods can be broken with ‘smart food policies’ by governments alongside joint efforts from industry and civil society to create healthier food systems.”


Thirty-One Estimated Dead in Taiwan Airliner Crash

According to authorities, at least 31 of the 58 passengers of a TransAsia ATR 72-600 turboprop were confirmed dead. About 12 were still missing and 15 passengers survived the ordeal.

The aircraft wobbled over Taiwan’s buildings and descended swiftly, hitting a taxi and a bridge before it landed into the water in the Keelung River.

According to the Air Traffic Control Tower, one of the pilots had sent a frantic message “Mayday, Mayday, engine flamout.” One of the Turboprop’s engines had failed. However, authorities could not find if it were because the engine had a faulty combustion or human error.

The pilot had 4,916 hours of airtime while his co-pilot had 6,992 hours of airtime.

A motorist was able to capture the TransAsia flight GE235 skidding on its wing across the roadway before it plummeted to the river. The plane had also hit a taxi, whose passengers had survived with slight injuries.

The taxi driver said that he was very scared. He is considered the luckiest man alive, along with the passenger. According to him, he fainted the moment the aircraft’s wing hit their vehicle.

Passengers had been wearing life jackets as first responders crowded the water to search for survivors.

Peter Chen, the President of TransAtlantic, bowed before passengers and crew and apologised for the disaster.


UK SFO Closes Investigation on HP-Autonomy Fraud

The controversial $11.1 billion HP purchase of the UK developer Autonomy has raised many eyebrows. Meanwhile, the UK Serious Fraud Office had closed its investigation, citing the lack of information available to the SFO as its reason.

According to HP, due to many “accounting misrepresentations” at Autonomy, HP has taken a $8.8 writedown of its purchase of the software company. HP had claimed that its former executives and accountants have created a “multimillion dollar fraud” at the company.

The SFO has sent jurisdiction over to US Authorities whose investigations are ongoing.

The USEC and FBI are still conducting investigations regarding the matter.

Meanwhile, a counter-document in December 2014 surfaced, with Autonomy founder Mike Lynch saying that HP has made false representations to the market” over the writedown.

The document proved that HP has not determined whether hundreds of millions of transactions were improperly booked at the time it took its huge charge on Autonomy.

HP responded: “the same fertile imagination that was behind a massive fraud is apparently still hard at work making up stories. We would encourage Mr Lynch to spend as much time as possible with the authorities.”

HP also indicated its plans to sue Lynch, Former Autonomy Chief Financial Officer Sushovan Hussain and company Auditor Deloitte for fraud. All parties have denied wrongdoing.


Syrian Refugees Feel The Hurt of Lebanon Curbing

Lebanon’s government has implemented restrictions against Syrian refugees for good reason. They are receiving moderate international support for the refugees and their economy is suffering. The roads leading to Lebanon from Syria had become almost empty as the new restrictions were imposed.

The United Nations still wants Lebanon to explain “the most vulnerable refugees” from Syria and how they can gain access to Lebanon.

Today, there are more than a million refugees in Lebanon. A senior minister pointed out that Lebanon’s capacity is at its peak.

“We have enough. There’s no capacity anymore to host more displaced,” Interior Minister Nohad Machnouk said at a news conference on Monday.

Millions of Syrians have been displaced by the civil war as rebel forces try to oust President Bashar al-Assad.

Before the new measures, Syrian refugees could stay in Lebanon up to six months. These new measures need Syrian refugees to fulfil a criteria before they could have a visa to enter the country.

According to Lebanese Lawmaker Basem Shabb “It’s clear to most Lebanese that this situation cannot continue… because it will affect not only the Lebanese but finally it will affect the Syrian refugees in Lebanon if Lebanon descends into chaos.”

There are large numbers of Syrians already in Lebanon who are not registered as refugees. Government officials have said those already in the country would not be forcibly expelled.


Greepeace Activists Could Face Extradition Due To Their Protests in Peru

Peruvian officials are considering extraditing Greenpeace activists for vandalising the Nazca lines in Peru. The centuries-old etching in the desert is a national historical treasure of the country.

The officials accused the activists of irresponsibility because they caused “irreparable damage” to the Nazca lines after its demonstrations and publicity stunt aimed to send a message to the UN climate talks in Lima.

Culture Vice-Minister Luis Jaime Castillo said “we will extradite them and bring them to face their penal and civil responsibility. Our heritage has been tarnished by this action. Now everyone wants to go the Nazca lines, but to see the area affected by Greenpeace’s actions.”

Peruvian authorities have identified six members of the group who participated in the Unesco World Heritage site protests last week. Proesecutors have filed charges of attacking archeological monuments, which could amount to six years imprisonment.

“Greenpeace says it wants to take responsibility but in not giving us the names so that those responsible can appear before a judge in Peru it is refusing to do that,” he said. “It’s a contradiction in terms.”

“It makes you wonder if they really are as ashamed as they say they are.”

Twenty activists entered the restricted area and left the sign “Time for Change! The Future is Renewable!” beside the giant figure of the hummingbird etched in the desert ground more than 1,000 years ago. Archaeologists said the protester’s footprints could remain on the desert ground for decades.


UK Teachers Face More Hurdles After More Public Sector Cuts Were Announced

Chancellor George Osborne announced more restraint in public sector salaries after he laid down his plan for the UK economy. The plan gave no assurances to the protection of the Department of Education’s spending and it even laid out the plans to limit public sector pay increases.

Osborne said: “Our control of public sector pay these past four years has delivered £12 billion of savings. By continuing to restrain public sector pay we expect to deliver commensurate savings in the next Parliament until we have dealt with the deficit.”

The public education industry has suffered four years of pay freezes and one-percent salary increases since the current government took position. Teachers leaders had condemned the new plan, stating that the industry and the workforce had suffered their share.

According to General Secretary of the NASUWT, teachers had been cut 15% from their pay packets. Now teachers and other public service workers pay restraint by the end of the decade and will represent even deeper cuts to pay.

NAHT General Secretary Russell Hobby said “We are really starting to see the effect of that policy on recruitment. It’s insidious in that when people come to consider teaching, they see that teacher salaries are becoming less and less competitive and we know you can’t raise standards without attracting the best people into teaching.”
“I’m worried that the government might be preparing the ground to water down its policy of protecting education budgets.”