North Korea Might Be Out To Test Ne...

The People's Republic of Korea in North Korea had announced plans that it would launch satellites sometime in February. The nation even issued warning...

An American Economic Slump Is Possi...

The New York Stock Exchange endured a harsh start to 2016 with stocks plunging in value at every turn. According to analysts, it may be an indicator t...

North Korea May Have Accomplished N...

According to South Korean, US, Chinese and European agencies, seismic activity close to North Korea's nuclear testing site is consistent with its four...

Observers, Analysts Respond To Autu...

Editor Neil Rose of Legal Futures, the move to increase the small claims court's limit from £1000 to £5000 to address minor soft tissue motor accide...

North Korea Might Be Out To Test New Technology Once Again

The People’s Republic of Korea in North Korea had announced plans that it would launch satellites sometime in February. The nation even issued warnings where the boost stages of rockets might plummet back to the surface.

Japan threatened the nation and said it would shoot down the rocket if it flies towards Japanese airspace. The US had also condemned the new escalation on North Korea’s attempt to bring up a satellite.

According to them:

“This act would violate numerous Security Council resolutions by utilizing proscribed ballistic missile technology,” said US State Department Spokesman John Kirby.

Last year, North Korea had scheduled nuclear tests, showing its defiance against UN Security Council resolutions.

According to intelligence collected by the South Korean Military, the North Korean western coast will be the starting point of the latest version of North Korea’s Kwangmyongsong (Bright Star) Satellite series. It would also help test its Unha (Galaxy) Rockets, which has new modifications that would guarantee better chances of success than its previous satellite launch attempt in the previous years.

A month ago, North Korea has also been the centre of military attention as it claimed to have detonated a thermonuclear bomb.

The first satellite from North Korea aimed to track crop production in the country. The experiment failed in December 2012.

An American Economic Slump Is Possible In 2016

The New York Stock Exchange endured a harsh start to 2016 with stocks plunging in value at every turn. According to analysts, it may be an indicator that a US economic slump is just around the corner.

Manhattan Venture partners Chief Economist Max Wolff said the stock drop could mean anything.

“The economy doesn’t look as bad as the stock market right now, but that’s a flip side of the fact that the stock market has looked a whole lot better than the economy for about six years,” Wolff said.

“We do think the market got out well ahead of the fundamentals, and now they’re violently re-correcting back closer to where they should be.”

According to BK Asset Management’s Boris Schlossberg:

“We don’t have a 2008 scenario, but we definitely have a very serious slowdown in front of us, and I think the market is looking at that and doesn’t like it at all.”

Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital Management said:

“It seems clear to me: The market does not have above-average insight, but it often is above average in emotionality. Thus we shouldn’t follow its dictates,” Marks wrote.

“In fact,” he added, “contrarianism is built on the premise that we generally should do the opposite of what the crowd is doing, especially at extremes, and I prefer it.”

North Korea May Have Accomplished Nuclear Test Following “Artificial Earthquake”

According to South Korean, US, Chinese and European agencies, seismic activity close to North Korea’s nuclear testing site is consistent with its fourth nuclear test.

The US Geological Service said the 5.1 magnitude quake on Wednesday in Punggye-ri may have been caused by the north’s nuclear tests announced previously. The South Korean Meteorological Administration said they suspect a “man-made” earthquake. The Administration is currently analysing the epicentre of the quake.

Meanwhile, North Korea state radio said the North Korean government is to make “an important announcement” following the artificial earthquake.

The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre said it detected unusual seismic activity in North Korea but couldn’t verify if North Korea had conducted a fourth nuclear test.

The Chinese Earthquake centre said it detected a possible explosion in North Korea at “zero kilometres with a magnitude 4.9 quake”.

The last North Korean nuclear test was in 2013. China, a close ally of North Korea, had increasingly grown strained of their relationship due to North Korea’s persistence in improving its nuclear armament. It had condemned the 2013 nuclear test.

Many suspect the explosion to be nuclear in nature as the 2013 nuclear test had a 5.1 magnitude quake, synonymous with 2016’s quake in the same location.

Observers, Analysts Respond To Autumn Statement Proposals On Personal Injury

Editor Neil Rose of Legal Futures, the move to increase the small claims court’s limit from £1000 to £5000 to address minor soft tissue motor accident injuries gives the advantage to insurers alone. This would enable them to settle cases off-court in a lump-sum repayment.

Law Society President Jonathan Smithers said victims will be forced to go through the small claims court without legal advice, giving insurers that could have legal consultation and representation with their resources the upper hand.

Meanwhile, insurers said to handle the large queue of personal injury claims, contesting them with legal representation would increase its £2bn loss yearly for fraudulent and exaggerated personal injury claims.

The proposals come after Chancellor George Osborne announced his plan to revolutionise the UK’s compensation culture. Senior EAD Partner Steve Cornforth said the Chancellor is fighting a “mythical” compensation culture that “the media and insurance companies created to alarm us all without substantial evidence of its existence.”

The Select Transport Committee had criticised the Chancellor’s Spending Review as it downplayed the role of victims. The STC said the Chancellor’s consultation were only with insurers.

Whiplash injuries, including injuries with facial scarring, will face a cap of £5000. Observers and analysts said this would only be “throwing the problem into the long grass”. A guaranteed solution cannot be ensured by the move, they said.


About 420,000 Children Die Each Year Due To Tainted Food

About 600 million people die in the world every year because of contaminated food. According to the World Health Organisation, about one-third of those deaths are related to children.


UN’s Health Agency found that about one in 10 people get sick yearly because of contaminated food, viruses, toxins and chemicals.

WHO Food Safety Division Chief Kazuaki Miyagishima said:

“Until now, we have been combating an invisible enemy, an invisible ghost.”

Foodborne pathogens can destroy weak immune systems quickly. Small children are the ones at great risk. Children below the age of five may only account for nine per cent of the global population but about 40 per cent of illnesses caused by unsafe or toxic food their numbers account form.

Children who may have consumed toxins in food could have violent episodes of diarrhea and vomiting. These children are also at risk of cancer, kidney or liver failure, brain and neural disorders, according to the report.

Most cases occur due to the consumption of raw or undercooked meat. Salmonella, e.Coli or campylobacter bacteria found in old eggs and dairy products are mostly responsible for the diseases.

Mould on grain contains the Taenia Solium tapeworm and aflatoxin, which could cause liver and kidney cancer.

Paris Attacks Were Planned For 11 Months

Belgian intelligence services said Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s plan to assault Paris last Friday they planned for almost a year before the terror leader revealed himself and killed 129 people in separate waves of attacks in the capital.

Abaaoud was killed by a police raid in their hideout in a Saint-Denis apartment where he and other jihadist members planned another wave of attacks, ending their mission for the Islamic State militants.

After the shootout, authorities arrested eight perpetrators and found the body of a female suicide bomber and another mutilated body detonated after the explosion.

French intelligence confirms that Abaaoud was involved in four other terrorist plots in France since spring. According to French Interior Minister Bernard Cazenueve, Europe needs more intelligence sharing.

Gaping Holes In Europe’s Borders

Some members of the party that attacked Paris last Friday were originally from France. One of the militants travelled to Syria from his hometown in France and returned despite his passport having been confiscated and he is under surveillance.

Abaaoud had travelled across Islamic State to Europe at different times, including an attack plot in Belgium last January.

The incident had brought to light the immense inability of security services to simultaneously monitor large groups of European Muslims who had fought once for the Islamic State or even spot possible terrorist attacks at present.

Thousands of Britons Stuck in Sinai Resort May Be Stuck By New Suspension

Egyptian authorities had intercepted EasyJet’s flights from Sharm el-Sheikh to the United Kingdom after approval from the UK government to retrieve all UK holidaymakers from the resort back to the United Kingdom by the end of Friday.

UK transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin, who was hopeful the issue would be resolved by Friday, did not comment on the suspension of British flights.

EasyJet said on its website that “high level political talks” are on-going to resolve the hold-up, much to the dismay of 3,500 Britons stranded in the resort for days following the A321M crash.

Hand-Carry Luggages Only

As everyone remained confused, EasyJet said it was moving according to orders of both governments. It had also advised that passengers are only allowed to carry hand-carry luggage. Large baggage need to wait seven to 10 days as the UK government will sweep the luggage for the possibility of bombs.

Staff at the resort said the United Kingdom had once complained about the resort’s lack of security as it asked a tightening of security procedure. This has contributed to the slowdown of admitting holidaymakers to and from the resort.

According to some passengers, the security didn’t look similar to when they arrived as the employees were lax in checking their luggage.

Sweden Shaken By Violent School Attack

The country of Sweden watched the evening news as shock came after a student, dressed for Halloween wielding a sword, killed a teacher and a student. Investigators claim the attack may have political roots.

trollhattan school attack

School attacks in Sweden are rare. The entire country watched the events in Trollhattan with impending worry as school attacks in the country were rare.

Halloween Scare

Investigator Thord Haraldsson said the attacker had a “racist motive” they are looking into for verification.

The 21-year-old attacker posed for a photograph that he posted in social media before he went on his rampage.

According to Swedish media, the attacker, who has yet to be named by the police, the suspect’s social media accounts suggested his heavy interest in Hitler, Nazi Germany and his hostility towards other races, particularly Islam and immigration.

Students were immediately attacked after the assailant stabbed a teacher.

Police arrived about 10:10PM local time before they gunned down the attacker in the class hallways.

A Black Day For Sweden

Shocked Swedish arrived with frowns and tears to the school offering their respects, lighting candles and bringing flowers for the teacher and student who died of multiple stab wounds. A 15-year-old and 41-year-old teacher remain in a serious condition in the hospital.

Swedish Prime Minister King Carl Gustaf said he was “in shock” and he learned the events in Trollhattan “with great dismay and sorrow”.

Patient’s Safety Compromised By Junior Doctors’ Contract

Former Conservative Health Minister Dr. Dan Poulter said the Tory Government’s proposal for junior doctors could mean trouble for patients.

The once-Health Minister explained:

“There was … a recognition by the Department of Health that now appears to have been lost: that better pay and work-life balance incentives were needed to ensure doctors were attracted to A&E and other gruelling specialities.”

Junior doctors are facing proposed pay cuts. But Dr. Poulter said it is more than just money. The contract forced doctors to work excessive hours where fatigue could compromise the quality of their professional integrity.

Working for 12 hours for seven days, the human body could start to feel fatigue settle in.

Dr. Poulter said the government’s original platform, which was to achieve a good work-life balance, is being offset by its interest to save more than £22 billion from the health industry. According to the former Health Minister, the Junior Doctors’ working conditions and pay were “ways to close the gap” that is both unjustified and unfair.

However, the UK Department of Health said Dr. Poulter’s interpretation is widely erroneous.

A spokesman said:

“Our proposals will mean average pay will not go down and there is no intention to increase working hours,” a spokesman said.

“In fact, we want to offer more safeguards over total hours worked for junior doctors than ever before.

“We call on the Junior Doctors Committee to re-enter negotiations and work with us to put in place a new contract that’s safe for patients and fair for doctors.”


Volkswagen Admits That 11 Million Cars Worldwide Could Be Affected By Emissions Scandal

Millions of petrol cars worldwide sold by Volkswagen are affected by the diesel engine emissions test scandal.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen and other diesel car manufacturers will be investigated for similar emissions rigging examinations.

The scandal has rocked the entire diesel engine car industry with many questioning the future of diesel engines.

British Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin had called for an investigation into Volkswagen following its admission that 11 million vehicles worldwide may have passed strict environmental exams by switcin to fume-suppressing technology during examinations.

“We are closely monitoring the situation and have been pushing for action at a European level for more accurate tests that reflect driving on the road,” said Mr McLoughlin.

“It’s vital that the public has confidence in vehicle emissions tests and I am calling for the European Commission to investigate this issue as a matter of urgency.”

In fact, these vehicles may be spewing double or triple the emissions reported in their examinations.

British motorists, along with motorists who had purchased Volkswagen brands Audi, Skoda and Seat could have their cars recalled. Industry experts said the 2 lt, four-cylinder turbodiesel engine said the engines could have been sold in Britain.

Meanwhile, British Politicians said European regulators are failing to enforce emissions standards at the scandal’s wake.