Boots On The Ground: US Sends Marin...

In a move seen by many as an escalation in the US efforts to contain the situation of Syria, the United States Army had sent a regiment of troops to p...

Britain’s High Quality Health...

BBC revealed that England patients needed to wait for months before they were advised to leave the hospital. In their post regarding British healthcar...

VR Tech Is Not Just For Games; It C...

History teachers found it troublesome to have students interested in their daily lessons as text telling the stories of ancient heroes, civilisations ...

US Intelligence Data Proving Trump ...

Reports of Russian meddling through cyber influence and several hacking attacks suggest the country's intelligence forces may have helped place US Pre...

Boots On The Ground: US Sends Marines To Fight Using Artillery In Syrian Civil War

In a move seen by many as an escalation in the US efforts to contain the situation of Syria, the United States Army had sent a regiment of troops to provide backup artillery offensives against the Islamic State in Syria. Marines have been deployed from their ships in the Middle East and had established artillery outposts near Raqqa.

Analysts were quick to mention the deployment could induce further “mission creep” and place US forces in the frontlines that may have The Pentagon to use conventional forces in Syria. The US artillery forces would provide offensive for US-backed assets in the country.

According to US Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, the US had provided indirect offensive support to Special Operations troops in the area such as the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System.

According to military commanders, Trump’s administration had also helped them avoid “micromanagement” in making decisions everyday on engaging the enemies overseas. The new rules of engagement include fighting the Islamic State by air using Apache helicopters and training local assets further for offensives.

The Pentagon said the entire operation of using boots on the ground for artillery is only designated as a “reassure and deter” mission. According to political analysts, the presence of US troops were only to ensure both Turkish and Syrian opposition fighters only fought against the Islamic State and the troops are there to destabilise the growing rift between the two assets.

Britain’s High Quality Healthcare Is Not Without Flaws

BBC revealed that England patients needed to wait for months before they were advised to leave the hospital. In their post regarding British healthcare, the BBC revealed that hospital records in the NHS revealed patients who remained stuck in UK hospitals for 100 days from 2013 to 2016.

According to the BBC, hospitals said they did not have enough community care to provide for their patients — most patients were left alone, leaving them isolated and “frightened.” Most of these patients were aged 70 to 90 years of age.

One case BBC highlighted was of an 89-year-old patient named Iris Sibley who spent more than six months in Bristol’s Royal Infirmary. She needed a nursing home — instead she was left alone in the room.

Isolation had also left a man who needed home care dead due to chest infections as he was found to spend his days alone in a room and became “extremely distressed.”

One report indicated that of a 62-year-old patient in an NHS Trust in Mid Yorkshire, who stayed about 449 days in a single room. Without further details from the BBC’s Freedom of Information Act request, the woman’s identities were revealed but the data indicated there are 130 patients who had waited for more than half a year to be discharged from their hospitals without proper care.

VR Tech Is Not Just For Games; It Could Revolutionise Education

History teachers found it troublesome to have students interested in their daily lessons as text telling the stories of ancient heroes, civilisations and worlds absent are hard to imagine. Photographs and creative illustrations only inform but fail to create an immersive atmosphere. But virtual reality — mostly intended by developers for entertainment purposes — may just evolve the way education for history and other subjects happen inside the classroom.

Taking students into ancient Egypt using VR technology can help them understand their lessons better by having them see in first person what happened during the time. Physics lessons would expand from paper and calculator to games where students must resolve several problems that could mean the failure of a rocket to take off or the fictional ultimate destruction of a city.

The only downside for this would be limited data; it is never easy to create fully illustrated lessons overnight. Designing and making a realistic world could be simplified — but the technology to do so still does not exist in the real world.

But the emotional feeling of play-acting or being one of the characters in ancient history — as one would in a game — is an amazing educational-game changer. With more developers focused on these types of educational materials, education itself may level up in just a few years.

US Intelligence Data Proving Trump Won With Russian Help ‘Ridiculous” According to US President-Elect

Reports of Russian meddling through cyber influence and several hacking attacks suggest the country’s intelligence forces may have helped place US President-Elect Donald Trump in his current position. The President-Elect refuses to believe the suggestion despite overwhelming evidence that the attacks did not originate from China.

According to House Intelligence Committee Democratic officer Adam Schiff, Russia is probably behind the hacking attacks. He said that it was not China nor it was a “400-pound guy in New Jersey or anyone else” and strongly suggested it was the Russians behind it. Working with two Republican and Democratic leaders in the committee, they have secured strong evidence that suggests Russian activity had taken place.

According to Republican Senator John McCain — working with the Democrats — said the activity may have likely affected the elections but it is not restricted to only furthering Trump’s influence.

US Intelligence uncovered Russian hacker activity to exploit Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s damaging emails that had reduced her campaign influence and may have been Russia’s bid to disillusion the United States with its political process. The CIA reports that Russian hacking had helped Trump to ultimately win the US election.

In an interview, US President-Elect Donald Trump did not believe the statement. He said Russia’s involvement in the matter was non-existent and he won “fair and square.”

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Climate-Change Documentary Streaming for Free

Before the Flood starring Leonardo DiCaprio shows him travelling the entire world showing the effects of climate change all over the world.

The documentary — which had lackluster publication — first debuted in September at the Toronto International Film Festival. On October 21, the documentary opened in theaters.

National Geographic had secured the rights of the film and released it on YouTube for free viewing. The video was also embedded on Twitter, Facebook, Hulu and the website of National Geographic itself.

The filmmakers’ intentions are clear that it is a message to all people that climate change issues are real and they are having adverse effects that could lead to humanity’s extinction.

DiCaprio said of the film:

“We cannot afford, at this critical moment in time, to have leaders in office that do not believe in the modern science of climate change,” he said. “We need to galvanize the world community to put in office people who are not only believers in the science, but are going to take rapid action immediately. And that’s why we wanted this film to come out before the next election, because as we’ve cited in this film, the United States is the largest contributor to this issue. We need to set the example for the rest of the world to follow.”

Lack of Teachers Guarantee Failure of UN Universal Education Goal]

Without teachers in impoverished areas including sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, the UN’s universal education goal still lacks 69 million teachers to achieve its goal.

According to UNESCO’s Institute for Statistics published during the World Teacher’s Day on October 5, the international community has a shortage of 24.4 million primary school teachers and 44.4 million secondary school teachers to achieve the said goal.

About 263m children worldwide are out of school. An estimated 25 million are unlikely to ever receive any form of education. Only about 14% of young adults finish their studies in impoverished countries.

In sub-Saharan Africa – the region with the fastest growing school-age population – more than 70% of countries face teacher shortages in primary schools, while 90% do not have enough secondary teachers, according to the data. In order to meet sustainable development goal four, which specifically calls for more qualified teachers and more teacher training in developing countries, roughly 17 million primary and secondary teachers will need to be recruited and trained in sub-Saharan Africa within the next 14 years.

South Asia faces the second largest teacher shortage, with an additional 15 million teachers – 11 million at secondary level – needed by 2030.

MH17 Prosecutors Will Release Findings on Wednesday

Two years after Malaysian Airlines MH17 flew over Eastern Ukraine and fell into uncharted territory, an international team of prosecutors will look into the findings of MH17 investigators and release their findings this Wednesday.

Earlier reports from the Dutch Safety Board indicated that a Russian-made Buk missile had hit the plane. The board did not indicate who fired the rocket.

Prosecutors from Australia, Belgium, Malaysia and Ukraine will be part of the Joint International Team.

Due to the annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea and further violence in the region, the United States and the European Union had widened sanctions against Russia’s clandestine activities.

Political analysts are quite surprised with the announcement. According to BBC’s Anna Holigan, the motives of the criminal investigators who are about to release the information this week are still unclear. The meeting would open the door against suspects who may be involved in the situation and give them a window to clear their names.

News networks indicated that families of the victims remain frustrated as prosecutors and investigators still could not say who was responsible for the atrocious airline disaster.

Contraceptive Pills Contributed To Fall in Ovarian Cancer Deaths Worldwide

The widespread use of contraceptive pills for women had contributed to the reduction of ovarian cancer deaths worldwide. The reduction of hormone replacement therapy had also helped reduce the symptoms of menopause according to studies.

According to Italian scientists who published their study in the leading cancer journal Annals of Oncology, the use of contraceptive piils for five years or so protects women when they grow older as it removes the risk presented by hormone therapy during a woman’s middle age of 50.

Deaths from ovarian cancer dropped by 10% in the 28 countries of the EU between 2002 and 2012, according to the study. There are substantial variations in the size of the drop between countries. In the UK, the fall was 22%; in Denmark and Sweden it was 24%; but in Hungary, just 0.6%.

Death rates fell in the United States by 16% and in Canada by 8%. In Australia and New Zealand it went down by 12%.

The protective impact of taking the pill is experienced decades later. More than 40% of the over 4,000 deaths year in the UK are in women aged over 75. Women began taking the pill in the 1960s in the UK.

Norway Oil Fund Tapped For The First Time

The world’s largest sovereign wealth fund sees its first few withdrawals for the first time in decades.

Norway’s Oil Fund, which amounts to $890bn (£682bn), has seen some relatively small withdrawals.

Despite the small amount withdrawn, Norwegian investment officials and concerned political figures debate on the future of the fund. It has been used beyond the time intended.

“This fund is meant to last generations and yet we are tapping it already — many, many years before we were meant to. If we keep on spending as we are and the fund can’t earn decent returns then we could end up eating into it,” says one of Norway’s leading businessman, who did not want to be named.

Fund was made through surpluses from Norway’s Petroleum Industry

The Oil Fund was made out of Norway’s surplus in the petroleum industry for a time. It had also become one of the world’s largest investors in different trades and serves as a buffer for Norway’s possible future economic troubles particularly interest rates affecting future returns.

BI Norwegian Business School Professor Espen Henriksen said the withdrawals should be seen dramatically. However, he argues that low oil prices in the world and lower expected return of profit for investors may affect the future of the fund directly.

Higher government spending is also affecting the life of fund. Norway’s government is allowed to spend up to 4 per cent of the fund each year in its budget. Due to the profit of oil and gas with the former being generated through production tax and state company dividends, the fund may see lower income than it usually has.

UK Design Education Needs More Support

UK’s architectural design education is weaker according to leading designers.

Speaking during the Brexit design summit, Michael Mariott, a well-known industrial designer, said that the British educational system is incapable of handling the situation as is.

“Funding is being stripped and there are less facilities,” he added, saying that UK students were being forced to study overseas, where facilities are better.

“I had a young English guy working for me,” Marriott said. “He looked at a couple of British universities and for a quarter of the price he’s gone to Amsterdam to study in way better facilities that are beyond anything we have in this country.”

Architect Amanda Levete agreed, saying she had to employ architects trained overseas because they are better than home-grown ones.

“The reason that so many of the young architects we employ come from outside of the UK is because the architectural education in Europe is frankly better,” she said.

Half of Levete’s 50 employees are from overseas.

“Conceptually the architectural education here is very strong, but technically it’s very weak,” she added. “So architects who have been educated outside of the UK are kind of office-ready.”

The UK vote to leave the European Union could exclude the UK from the Erasmus student exchange programme, and make it harder for UK studios to hire EU staff.