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6 Suspects Admitted Raping the Spanish Tourists in Mexico

The gang rape that happened in Mexico that involved Spanish tourists who were on a vacation in Acapulco, Mexico was one of the worst scenarios that ever happened in the area. A group of seven suspected men was responsible for the incident. They have attacked the Spanish victims in a resort in Acapulco. The Mexican government has cooperated with the Spanish consulate to solve the case immediately.

Last Wednesday, the case was declared solved for a number of six men confessed that they were the once responsible of the incident. One is still missing and is still being searched by the authorities. The six men, some of them were minor have detailed the story on what happened in the resort after taking the Spanish Tourists and raping 6 Spanish women.

The said six arrested men were members of a gang. The said suspects were arrested on different days. One was taken last Tuesday and five if them last Wednesday. One still remains at large but due to keen investigation and man hunt, the said suspects were arrested and six of them confessed their involvement in the incident.

The police in Acapulco also arrested so many people during the weekend but they were not related to the case. The incident that happened in the beach resort was blamed to the lack of security. The security in the beach resort in Acapulco was not tight because the group of gunmen was able to enter the resort premises and have taken tourists with them. Due to the incident, most of the resort owners were alarmed and were to improve their security. People in Mexico couldn’t believe that the attack took place and the incident happened.

Russian SU-27 jet entered the Japanese Airspace

Every country would protect their territory. The air, the land, and the seas are part of the protected territories of each country. There are times that occurred when other unidentified or identified objects like aircraft and sea vessels would enter a protected territory without permission or through an accident. There are cases wherein the countries would be fighting over and island often called as territorial disputes. Some known countries like the Philippines and China were still claiming the Spratlys Island. These countries have consulted the United Nations regarding the legal actions to consider.

Last Thursday, one of the islands in Japan known as the Rishiri Island that is just near the Hokkaido Island in the northern part of Japan was approached by a Russian jet. The said jet entered the airspace of Japan and landed just near a territory which was fought by both Russia and Japan during World War II. Officials from Japan’s Defense Ministry complained about the incident which caused the Japanese military fighters to panic. A similar incident has already happened in 2008. Some officials were protesting over the what happened. There has also been a current dispute that both countries are facing over an Island called Kuril found in the northern territories.

Territorial dispute has been controversial among other countries as well. The issue of the dispute between Russia and Japan has been unresolved. Instances like what happened earlier could trigger more issues between the two countries. There were no recent talks about the disputed islands. The Russian government on the other hand denied that their SU-27 jet entered the Japanese airspace.

Big Blast in Mexico’s State Run Oil Company

A blast that rattled Mexican residents near the location of its state-run oil, Pemex’s office that killed a number of 32 people and left a hundred more injured was still having speculations on what caused the big chaos in the area. Ongoing investigations were done by the experts to find out of the blast was linked to a terrorist attack targeting the stat-run oil company.

The said explosion has occurred in the afternoon of Thursday, where many employees are still inside their office and still in the middle of their work. The loud blast was traced in the administrative building inside the complex of the Pemex office. A lot of people were panicking and loud screams were heard and there are walls collapsing on the ground, according to a statement given by the company’s attorney.Reports have identified smelling a smoke right after the blast has occurred. Since the walls were falling, a lot of people were trapped inside and needs to be rescued and taken out from the office buildings.

A large number of rescue groups including paramedics helped in pulling out the victims. Others who were stuck inside and covered by falling debris did not make it out alive. There were thousands of Pemex workers assigned in the office, also known as Pemex’s headquarters in Mexico. The chief of Pemex who was interviewed by CNN said that the investigation was very complicated and could not be easily solved or explained just within the day. He also denied that the company was a target of some unknown terrorists or terrorist groups.