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The Good Friday Services was led by Pope Francis I

The Roman Catholic Church worldwide is observing the Holy Week as part of a religious tradition. In Rome, the new Pope led the Good Friday Services when he showed adoration for the St. Peter’s Basilica. Pope Francis I have also observed a re-enactment of Christ Final journey with the cross inside a Colosseum. The Easter services were also ready for Sunday. The Easter Mass on Sunday would conclude the observance of the Holy Week. This will mark the celebration of Christ’s resurrection.

During the observance of the ceremonies in the Basilica, there were a lot of tourists and pilgrims who took part of the activity in time for the Easter Ceremonies. The liturgy held last Friday was delivered by a papal preacher. The message has highlighted how to get the important message of Jesus to the world. As scheduled on a Saturday, the Pope will be celebrating an Easter Vigil Mass at the St. Peter’s Basilica.

The Easter ceremonies included the Washing of the feet held last Thursday. A lot of the prisoner’s feet were washed by the Pope. These prisoners came from the Youth Detention Center in Rome. The activity was part of the observance of Maundy Thursday. This service is part of the commemoration of the Last Supper of Christ. It was reported that during the service, the Pope kissed and washed the feet of twelve young prisoners. This was a replication of humility as the gesture that Christ has shown towards his twelve disciples. According to a BBC reporter, the Pope has brought simplicity to the Vatican Church.

U.S. Naval Exercises will be attended by China’s Army

It’s the first time for China’s People Liberation Army to accept an invitation from the U.S. to attend to a Naval Drill. The U.S.-led naval drill will have its limitations and legal restrictions. The drill will be held in 2014 and the Chinese Army already agreed to join. The naval exercise known as RIMPAC is the world’s largest maritime exercise that happens internationally and is participated by almost twenty-two nations. A lot of ships and submarines would gather in the designated location of the exercise. In the year 2012, the RIMPAC was held in Hawaii.

It need not be treaty allies with the United States in order for a country to participate in the exercise. In last year’s naval exercise, India and Russia was able to participate. It was said that China has never participated in any Rim of the Pacific Exercise. Next year will be the opportunity of the country’s military to attend the world’s largest exercise. During the 1998 RIMPAC, China only sent observers, according to the Pentagon.

Ashton Carter, U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary has acknowledged China for its interest in participating in the 2014 RIMPAC. He said this during a speech when he was in Jakarta, Indonesia last Wednesday. The Secretary was delighted about China’s decision to attend and the acceptance of the American invitation. On the website of the Defense Department, it released a statement that the U.S. would want to strengthen their military relationship China. It would also follow the political and economic relationship between the two countries that have started to grow over the years.

Getting to Know the Interest Rate Swap Scandal

When UK’s largest banks have admitted that they were involved in mis-selling interest rate swap products to thousands of customers and small businesses the scandal begins to grow. The interest rate hedging product s is offered by the banks to customers and assures them that their finances will be protected even if the rates would rise. Since there were a lot of the customers who believed in the product even without knowing all about its policies well, the problem starts when they find out that they were mis-sold and mis-led by their banks.

The City’s regulator has found out that mis-selling occurred when the big banks failed to mention how much it would cost the customers when they exit the swaps. The failure to discuss to them the break cost after they terminate the agreement. The customers were only told that the protection would have a zero cost even if it wasn’t true. It is when the complexities surfaced.

The problem was made worst when mis-selling of the interest rate hedging product went a long way and the banks started to offer low rates and gave the customers a suggestion to take it for a long duration because when they take this offer, the bank has told them that they will have a lower interest rate. Most of the mis-led customers did not have any idea or access on the swap pricing data. They weren’t even mindful of how much the bank would earn if they take the offer. The customers who took the product only knew the problem when they tried to cancel and terminate their agreement.

How you can make an Accident Claim

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere when we least expect it. Often times there are accidents that would cause someone to get injuries. Whatever type of accident there is, someone must be answerable. The victim of the accident is entitled to receive  compensation from the offenders. It is important to know the steps involved in making an accident compensation claim. It is also necessary that when an accident has occurred, the one who is responsible for that particular accident should be identified first before making the claim. This is the first action to be done. Being able to determine who is answerable to a certain accident has its short guide.

First, you must be aware of what happened. It is important to know all the details regarding the accident. You need to identify what exactly caused your injuries. In case of a car accident, you must be able to take note of the car’s plate number, the type of car used, the name of the person driving and the damage that was made during the accident. Second, you must be sure that you can prove your claim before even accusing someone of doing something. This is when the evidence plays an important role so that you can have a proof with your accusations. This will surely help you prove that you were the victim of the accident.

Third, after the accident, there is a need for you to have yourself checked by medical professionals. They are the best person to consult about your injuries. The medical certificate is an important document that would also support your claim that indeed you suffered from certain injury that was caused by the accident. A Doctor can always certify the truth about your injuries. Lastly, after following the steps you have the option in submitting a claim and seek help from a ‘No win no fee’ claims company such as  The company would know how to help you and give you more options on how to make your claim.