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Nuclear Negotiations deadline for Iran

The US Secretary of State was in Turkey for a dialogue that tackled a nuclear program of Iran. John Kerry, the United States Secretary of State said that there were already talks that took place discussing a nuclear program of Iran. He said that it was not an interminable process when the purpose is to call for peace and unity. Released on a report last Sunday, the door has always been open for a solution to the nuclear plan of Iran but according to the Secretary of State, negotiations on the program could not go on for a long time.

There were a number of negotiations that was made and most of these did not end with a specified agreement between those involved. Secretary Kerry said that the US was still hoping that a peaceful negotiation of the outcome would soon surface. The Whitehouse was also said that they were still hopeful amidst the ongoing standoff. The country of Israel already asked to set some deadline given to Iran to be able to stop making uranium for them not to face a possible military action.

The Israeli Strategic Minister also said last Sunday that an armed response was suggested if and only the Tehran would start to refuse and give in with the demands on ending its nuclear plans and programs. The US State Secretary said in a statement during his ten day trip in Europe that Asia and the Middle East already called for a little patience on the ongoing negotiations. Mr. Kerry added that diplomacy was not an easy task to fulfill.