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Suu Kyi’s Presidency May Be Hampered by Myanmar Constitution

In Yangon, Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel peace prize winner for her democratic leadership at the National League for Democracy, might fall short on her promise to become Myanmar’s next president. Even if she was swept into parliament during her efforts in April 2012 with the NLD, a military-drafted constitution might exclude her from going into office.

Suu Kyi expressed her wish to become president at the World Economic Forum in the Naypytiaw capital on June 6. However, the new challenges are the biggest ones the former political prisoner turned democratic figurehead must face. She must convince the military parliament to amend the constitution to give her the right to run as president.

However, stakes are still high even if the military parliament agrees to amend the constitution. She could face a voter backlash and the opposition between Myanmar’s Buddhists and minority Muslims might make the political condition of her campaign unstable because of her rare public expressions for support for the Muslims.

A constitutional amendment would need to merit 75% of support from the parliament, which is not an easy task because military leaders dominate the parliament seats.

Suu Kyi, even as a Nobel peace prize winner, is condemned by different human rights groups. The Human Rights Watch in New York had condemned her for not using her moral authority to defend the Rohingya because she did not want to upset the Buddhist majority.

Suu Kyi said that she didn’t want to “take sides” during the conflict.

Suu Kyi is likely to revolutionize Myanmar’s constitution, but international pressure from foreign investors has depended heavily on the military parliament that ensured stability, which might affect her chances.

Vladimir Putin Denies Stealing Super Bowl Ring

Russian President Vladimir Putin denies that he stole a Super Bowl ring. His spokesperson said that the Super Bowl ring came from New England Patriot’s owner Robert Kraft. Both parties established the fact that the ring, with its 124 diamonds, had gone through many hands during Kraft’s visit in St. Petersburg Russia in 2005.

Kraft said that he showed the man the ring and the President put it on. When he asked for the ring back, the president was surrounded by three KGB officers and walked out of the room.  Robert Kraft did not specify that Putin stole the ring, but he did express he wanted his ring back from the President.

The White House called him during 2005 to tell him that it is in the best interest of the US and Russian relations to say that the ring was a gift to Putin, to which he played along.

Dmitry Peskov, the official spokesperson of the president, said that he was standing 20 centimters away from Kraft and Putin and saw that Kraft gave the ring as a gift. Peskov said that what Kraft demanded was strange and uncalled for.

Super Bowl rings fetch around $230,000 and even more when they are auctioned. 1991Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor sold his ring in 2012 for the same amount during an auction.