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Syrian Rebel Groups Break Away from Syrian Coalition Opposition

The Syrian opposition continues to divide deeper and deeper as 13 rebel groups have broken away from the Syrian National Coalition backed by western-countries. The 13 rebel groups include an al-Qaeda linked faction, reflecting a lack of solidarity in the Syrian National Coalition.

The rebel groups said that the Syrian National Coalition does not reflect their interests anymore. The rebel groups called on people to unite under a “clear Islamic framework”, which reflects the interests of the Al-Qaeda faction in Syria. According to the rebel groups, the only good government in Syria would only come from those who made sacrifices and fought battles inside the country, not those fighting outside.

They referred to the Syrian National Coalition being based on Turkey instead of inside Syria.

However, even the separatist rebels are divided amongst themselves. Many rebels blame the involvement of jihadists and the al-Qaeda for the reluctance of western support in the Syrian conflict. Islam extremists also tear away at the image of the Syrian rebel faction.

At the UN General Assembly, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan ask the United Nations to take action, their long-time problems with millions of Syrian refugees and are deeply disappointed with the community’s lack of action in the Syrian crisis.

US Fed Up With UN’s Inaction on Syrian Chemical Attack

The US had expressed its frustration for the UN’s inaction to resolve the crisis in Syria and other western countries find a similar view as many called for reforms. The UN was considered “antique” by some political experts, namely because it falls short on fulfilling its role as the “guardian” of the world.

The G20 had been split to two sides during the meeting. Russia and China will not see the United States lead a military strike that would probably alter the situation in the Middle East. The United States and France are willing to make a strike to prevent a great catastrophe in Syria.

The European Union had endorsed support for the military strike, but had told the US and other supporting countries to go by UN procedure. A strong but non-violent approach was necessary in any military strike.

Iraq, a country that a US-led military strike had also forged, said that it would also be harmed should the strike take place. While Iraq will remain neutral on any side of the conflict, Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said that Syria’s neighbours would also be involved in the attack. Unresolved sectarian conflicts may be re-opened by the attack.

Iraqi Shiite volunteers have increased in number volunteering to fight for the Syrian regime and a regionwide conflict could start if the US will finally conduct its attack.