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Syria Chemical Weapons Disarmament Continue Despite Blackout

A Syrian rebel attack triggers a widespread power outage in the country yet the disarmament of Syrian regime chemical weapons continues. The Syrian government hands over a detailed plan for destroying the chemical arsenal Thursday according to the United Nations.

Rebels and regime forces continue battle across the country despite disarmament of chemical weapons as agreed by Syria to the UN deal. The rebels had struck a pipeline that caused blackouts across the country.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Damascus power outages, along with Aleppo and Homs continued. According to the group, it was most likely a large -scale operation planned by the Syrian rebels.

Diplomatic efforts in resolving the Syrian crisis continues to look dim as the Friends of Syria and Arab nations fail to persuade both Syrian opposition and regime to participate in the talks.

The declaration about the status of Syria’s chemical arsenal will be reported in the next 24 hours according to the UN weapons inspection team.

The US-Russia brokered treaty indicated that no outside interference will be involved in the Syrian conflict once Syria had disarmed its chemical arsenal. It had submitted its list of chemical weapons sites in Syria to the UN weapons inspection team. Around 18 out of 23 weapons sites had been disarmed today.