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France Adds Hundreds of Military Support to Curb Impending Central Africa Crisis

The French government pledged military support to help in stopping the descent of the war-torn Central African Republic after UN observers warned that the country was slowly descending into chaos as violence, executions and widespread rapes circulated in the country.

The CAR’s Prime Minister Nicolas Tiangaye said on Monday that French support may consist of an additional 800 troops. Currently, there are 410 French soldiers in the CAR’s capital Bangui.

Currently, the CAR is struggling against coups and uprisings, which date back from 1960 and still exist on the present day as a rebel group called Seleka forced the former CAR President Francois Bozize away from office in March. He was replaced with a Muslim rebel leader Michael Djotodia. This incident had the transitional Government lose control of a 4.5 million population.

According to French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, it is highly likely that the violence from Central Africa could spread to neighbouring countries if it is not stopped at once.

Fighting still continues between former Muslim rebels and militia groups to protect Christian communities that make up 80% of the population. However, skirmishes between Muslims and Christians in the area continue despite French military presence.