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Israel Criticizes US’ “Weak” Response to the Fatah-Hamas Peace Accord

This week, rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas had resolved differences through a peace accord, and both factions will integrate a unified government against a common enemy, Israel. Israel demanded a clearer and resolute response from the United States according to a media report.

The two factions announced their unification yesterday, ending over four years of internal conflict. Israel’s Security Cabinet decided to suspend peace talks with the Palestinians in response to the unity agreement between the two factions.

US State Department Spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said that the Palestinian unity deal was “troubling” and that the United States expresses its “disappointment” regarding the matter. The statement appeared as a “light” reaction for Israel, who wanted an appropriate response, being that Israel is a US ally in the Middle East.

According to a Senior Israel Official, the US needs to make it clear to PLO President Mahmoud Abbas that his unity with Hamas, considered a terrorist group by the United Nations, is Palestine crossing a red line. The senior official pointed out that being associated with Hamas means the PLO condones terrorism, and that the United States needs to point it out to them clearly.

Marathon peace talks between Palestine and Israel had been sponsored by the United States. It gained momentum this year and analysts said that it is probable the recent unity deal might make it fail.


North Korean Drone Considered a ‘Toy’ By Military Specialists

According to Seoul’s Korean University Cyber Defense Professor Kim Hyoung-joong, the North Korean drones that crashed on a South Korean island on Monday was poorly-designed. He said that it functioned very simply like a ‘toy’ and its design had been outdated for many years.

Netizens who saw the image of the downed North Korean drone thought it looked like a model aircraft that most people created in their childhood rather than seeing an advanced military drone.
Kim points out that regardless of design, drones do not have to look like or function too high-tech. Their purpose is only surveillance, and if the design can fulfil this task, then it is useful for the North Koreans.
However, the drone only had a poor quality camera that cannot take a video and it had no way to broadcast images.
Observers said that North Korea’s drone shows how antiquated and outdated its military equipment and arsenal truly is. According to Centre of Korean Studies at the University of London Dr. James Hoare, many of North Koreas equipment had come from World War II. This is also the primary reason why they put so much in rhetoric when engaging countries they consider hostilities.
North Korea had not yet released an official statement regarding the crashed, antiquated drone.