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Putin Calls to Revoke Upper House Right on Military Intervention in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin had called on Russia’s upper house on Tuesday to revoke his right to use military intervention in Ukraine to defend Russian speakers in the country. The United States and the UN had welcomed Putin’s move, but it is still calling for more stand-down between the Russian and Ukrainian military.

However, the cease fire proposed by the two countries is in peril as pro-Russian rebels in east Ukraine had shot down a military helicopter that killed Ukrainian passengers on board.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s welcomed Putin’s move and said that it was the first step towards the resolution of the Ukrainian conflict in its eastern areas. The western world views Putin’s move as a sign that Russia was willing to help resolve the Ukrainian crisis, and follows his statement of support for Poroshenko’s peace plan for eastern Ukraine.

Meanwhile, EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton did not comment if Russia’s request for removal of military intervention could earn it less-tougher sanctions. The US still called on Russia to perform “tangible actions” evident for its support of the cease fire. According to US Vice President Joe Biden, Russia should stop supplying weapons to militants across the border.

According to the Ukrainian government, the shot-down helicopter were a crew of technicians who were installing devices that will help monitor any violations of the Ukraine-Russian Peace Plan.


Assad’s Win Hailed Early By Iran Government

Iran’s government already claims Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s victory in the Syrian election Monday. Iran had already announced his re-election and had hailed it as a defeat of the western countries, particularly the United States.

However, the United States does not consider the Syrian elections a fair and just elections as it is only a “parody of democracy” as the public must play in the hands of the Assad regime, which guarantees that the outcome works for them. No serious competitors to the presidency were also present.

The elections, with Assad’s pre-emptive win, will extend his presidency for seven years in the country.

Iran had dispatched monitors to observe the voting.

Many political analysts also claim that the Syrian elections is unofficial because many Syrians are scattered all over the world. Millions from the population have taken refuge in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. Some have fled to other European and Western countries.

According to Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, western countries should give up their illusions of dominating Syria through military methods. According to Major General Rahim Safavi of the Iranian Military, the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and other western powers have failed to overthrow Assad.

Iran’s hailing of Assad’s pre-emptive one is indicative of its undying support to the Syrian regime, according to political analysts.