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US Intelligence Points to Russia “Manipulating the Conditions” For MH17 Attack

Latest information from the United States Intelligence indicate that Russia created conditions favourable to ensure the attack against the MH17, which killed 298 passengers, majority of which were Dutch. Earlier intelligence indicated that the attack came from pro-Russian rebels because intercepted communications indicated in the same day a plane they have shot down.

US Officials also said that complex equipment, such as surface-to-air missile launchers, need training, and Russian forces are involved in training the pro-Russian rebels to use weapons they have provided. Information also indicates that the Ukrainian military is yet to fight through airstrikes because the fighting in Donetsk and eastern Ukraine is still on the ground.

Russia had tried to present their theory regarding a Ukrainian Military Jet flying close to the MH17 and shooting it down near Torez at eastern Ukraine to debunk the surface-to-air missiles theory and their suspected sponsorship of the Donetsk rebels.

Social media intelligence posted by rebels in the past show a surface-to-air armament situated in Shizhne, which is not far from the Russian border. US intelligence indicates the missiles were fired from this town.

Meanwhile, Netherland investigators are currently studying the bodies of the passengers of the MH17. Malaysian officials have also retrieved the black boxes from the rebels surrounding the downed aircraft.



Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France Find Truce at Ending Ukraine Hostilities

Foreign ministers from Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France have agreed to take on mutually-agreed steps to stop the hostilities in eastern Ukraine as the 10-day ceasefire between the Ukraine Military and Pro-Russian rebels have expired. A village with unknown assailants from the Ukraine Military and the Rebels have nine civilians dead during a skirmish on Wednesday.

The Foreign Ministers have agreed to hold talks including the pro-Russian rebels by July 5. According to Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the talks will discuss the conditions for truce that would help all sides stop hostilities as soon as possible. The Contract Group, composed of Ukraine, Russia, and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), will be maintaining three-way communications for the truce talks.

Ukraine Foreign Minister Pablo Klimkin said that Ukraine wanted all Rebel-held hostages be released and that Ukraine should have higher security detail on its borders to stop the rebels from having new fighters join their ranks and new weapons into east Ukraine.

German Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier said that the situation in Ukraine “had escalated” and that it is on the brink of being out of control.

Hostages with the Rebels include Two Ukrainian TV journalists, who had been released earlier, and other Ukrainian military soldiers and officials.