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Israeli Air Strike Kills Three Senior Hamas Military Commanders

Three Top Hamas Officials, Mohammed Abu Shamala, Mohammed Barhoum and Raed al-Attar were killed in Rafah, a southern town in Gaza. According to the Palestinian Rescue Services, the three Hamas officials were among the three individuals out of six who were killed in the bombing in the area.

Meanwhile, both Hamas and Israel blame each other for re-starting the hostilities between the two countries. Israel said that 10 Hamas rockets flew into the town of Beersheba and Tel Aviv. Meanwhile Hamas said that Israel’s air strikes came first before the rocket volley.

Israel has made it an ultimatum to disarm Hamas and ensure the “full security” of Israel from the militant group.

So far, 2,103 Palestinians have died within six weeks

Shamala was the senior commander of the south of Gaza and was the Commander of Rafah, who had captured Gilad Shalit, an Israeli Soldier. Barhoum and al-Attar are responsible, along with Shamala, for building the tunnel networks and smuggling activities of the Hamas.

Both Hamas and Israel had abandoned efforts to negotiate a lasting ceasefire with Israel. The UN Security Council was “gravely concerned” at the restart of the hostilities and called for the two sides to re-negotiate their ceasefire options. Meanwhile, Egypt promised it will continue to pursue a lasting truce for both countries.


Egypt-Brokered Ceasefire Between Israel and Gaza to Begin at 8AM

A 72-hour Egyptian-brokered ceasefire accepted by both Israel and Hamas, replacing the earlier one broken by one of the two sides will take effect Tuesday at 8AM local time. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that both parties must respect the terms of the truce. Both sides are encouraged to meet in Cairo and resolve the dispute for a long-term ceasefire arrangement.

Israeli Officials said Israel prepared for the possibility that Hamas might violate the ceasefire as it had done recently. The officials cautioned that the public must remain vigilant against any possible major attack pulled by Hamas before the ceasefire.

After Israel finished the underground tunnels used by militants for infiltration operations, Israel accepted the ceasefire.

A Palestinian Delegation representing Gaza presented their demands to the Egyptian government. It called for the lift of the siege of the Gaza Strip, the reopening of all the border crossings. They also called for policing Israel regarding military attacks and UN assistance in rebuilding the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Officials deemed the demands as unrealistic and it will pull out all Israeli forces in Gaza once it is honoured. Israel had also not made clear if they will be sending their delegation immediately for indirect talks on a long-term agreement.