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The Political Complications IS Will Introduce in Succeeding Years

If not for the US’ attacks in Iraq, the balance between Sunni and Shia Muslims will still be the same. The US-led campaign had left many Sunnis in Iraq marginalised, especially with a Shia-dominated and western-backed Iraqi government. With majority of Sunnis in Syria revolting and dead against the dominance of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s Shia minority, the Sunnis were left powerless to defend themselves against the Syrian regime..

All of these played right into the hands of the Islamic State.

According to political analysts, the US, Arab and other coalition country air strikes will only diminish the threat at present. However, it will not eradicate the threat of a new ISIS, al-Qaeda or any other terrorist splinter group forming because of the conditions there are for ethnic and religious minorities.

Meanwhile, the United States had thanked the efforts of Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia for their support for the coalition. The five Arab countries had just finished their first bombing run with the United States and had confirmed the kill of 14 ISIS targets inside Syria.

Without a regional consensus, no true peace in the Middle East exists, says Financial Times political analyst David Gardner. Another front is fighting against the IS, namely Iran and other Shia militia from Iraq. He said that there is no possibility of re-ordering the Middle East unless its main actors want to put an end to the causes once and for all.


Israel Figures Shows Hamas Military Strength Severely Hurt

According to an anonymous Israel Military Official, Hamas had suffered 16,000 estimated combatant casualties as of Tuesday from the 50-Day Israel-Gaza war continues. The official said to reporters that militant Groups in Gaza probably had 2,500 to 3,000 rockets, which the Israeli military was able to destroy 3,000 before the ceasefire. Hamas and other groups had launched 4,000 rockets in total, misfiring against Israeli targets, hitting some Israel advances and suspected to have targeted some of Palestine’s own population.

The official provided evidence that Senior Hamas Commanders have been killed and thousands of operatives were wounded. Militant headquarters were also heavily damaged during the bombing run.

Hamas landed 875 rockets inside Gaza, increasing suspicion that Hamas was targeting the local Palestinian population and using civilians as their shields in the conflict.

The official commented that Hamas’ new tactics involved rocket sites concealed underground as operatives moved through tunnel networks accessible inside houses, making them hard to reach and virtually invisible.

Israel can only confirm the deaths of 341 Hamas, 182 Islamic Jihad militants and 93 other militants from smaller groups. Meanwhile, in the 2,127 Palestinian casualties, 706 were civilians, 805 still remain unknown as combatant or civilians.

The Israeli official has also not verified whether the bombing attack against the house of Muhammad Deif, the military chief of Hamas, has left him dead or alive.