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Pentagon Admits ISIS Had Secured One Airdrop

The Pentagon verifies the authenticity of an ISIS video released by its media allies showing fighters securing a single US air drop intended for Kobane Kurdish Defenders. However, they said these are equipment the ISIS already has. According to the Pentagon, one supply drop is not enough to arm a formidable platoon.

The Pentagon said the strong winds blew off the supply drop’s intended target.

In the video, the cache contained a large number of grenades and medical supplies. Some of the equipment were rusty and new. Some of the equipment shown were rocket-propelled grenades.

The Pentagon verified that there was only one supply drop that missed its mark.

US air strikes have destroyed other caches dropped into Kobane to avoid ISIS possession.

The Islamic State had also stolen several American M1 Abrams tanks from the Iraqi army base in the Anbar Province.

Meanwhile, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, highly opposed to the US air drop, said that the move was “wrong.” He stressed the long-term Kurdish possession of the weapons, which may land to the hands of the PKK, the Kurdistan Workers Party designated as a dangerous terrorist organisation by the US and NATO.

However, Turkey has allowed Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga fighters to enter the Turkish border to reinforce Kobane’s defence and push back ISIS from the strategic town.


Hong Kong Government Remains Powerless Against Protests

The Hong Kong Government announced Saturday that all necessary actions will be taken to ensure protests were removed by Monday morning. However, by 6am, student demonstrators still remained in the Central district and other areas of government offices in the Admiralty areas.

Some protesters have withdrawn from the protest, but hundreds have arrived to replace them. Many of the protesters blocked entrance to the Chief Executive’s Office.

The student protesters had earlier warned of extended protests after no agreement had become fruitful for talks regarding Hong Kong’s political system. As protesters prepared to have themselves forcefully removed by police, not one arrived to make good on the Government’s promise.

Meanwhile, the Hong Kong government had agreed to have dialogue with the Hong Kong Federation of Students regarding constitutional reform if they call on protesters to clear the streets and lift the blockades on government facilities.

The talks were offered on Thursday, but student leaders did not acknowledge the offer because many students were violently assaulted by riot police in Mong Kok on Friday. However, Federation Secretary Andrew Chow told the crowd that they had now started preparing for dialogue with Hong Kong Chief Secretary Carrie Lam.

The Hong Kong Federation of Students had also apologized to the public for the transportation inconvenience. Chow said that the protesters will be clearing access roads for government workers and other employees.