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Greece To Be Grilled By EU Leaders Over Austerity

As Greece’s Prime Minister Attempts to finally break down the country’s strict austerity measures, EU prepares to grill the Greeks for the country’s past misgivings and ambitious requests. The latest Brussels summit is Greece’s few chances left to convince their creditors for additional time and avoid bankruptcy.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is the only one who could or could not convince EU to help the country float over its impending bankruptcy. After Greek Financial Minister Yanis Varoufakis’ failures to convince EU’s Finance Ministers, Greece sits at the brink of downfall.

Meanwhile, EU Parliament President Martin Schulz said that the Greek financial situation was dangerous. Greece needs more than €2-3 billion to help it avoid an bankruptcy. He added that it is only a short-term solution.

“So it would be good if Greece fulfils the obligations that it has agreed to – then further money will flow,” said Schulz.
“The willingness of the Greek government to cooperate must improve.”
Economic Chief of the EC Pierre Moscovici said:
“We completely support the objective of helping those who are most vulnerable in Greek society, those who have been struck by the crisis. But there must be consultations on new measures. We have to be able to evaluate the budgetary impact of the measures being proposed.”

Netanyahu Vs. Obama: Obama Must Realise The Growing Threats

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke in the US Congress answering an invitation from the Republican Party. In his speech, he made clear one thing; he found Obama’s initiative to offer dispenses to Iran as something that could threaten the entire world.

In his speech, he said that the US is “paving the way” for Iran’s nuclear bomb. He highlighted that the IS only had “butcher knives” while Iran had a nuclear bomb and intercontinental ballistic missles.

According to Congressman Adam Kinzinger R-Channahon, “Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address reinforced my serious concerns about the direction of ongoing negotiations with Iran,” said Kinzinger, who has been outpsoken about tougher Iranian sanctions. “A compelling case was made as to why we must reject any deal that allows Iran a pathway that could be used to obtain nuclear weapons. It is time for this administration to stop ignoring the growing threats facing the international community and listen to the calls of our allies to demand Iran give up any nuclear enrichment for the long term.”

Republicans had greatly cheered Netanyahu’s speech, but US President Barack Obama said that Netanyahu “did not offer any solution or alternative”.

He said that the US and the world need insight on what is happening inside Iran, which is why the sanctions are needed. To turn a blind eye on Iran for its economic activities is a risk that can endanger the world.