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Paris Attacks Were Planned For 11 Months

Belgian intelligence services said Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s plan to assault Paris last Friday they planned for almost a year before the terror leader revealed himself and killed 129 people in separate waves of attacks in the capital.

Abaaoud was killed by a police raid in their hideout in a Saint-Denis apartment where he and other jihadist members planned another wave of attacks, ending their mission for the Islamic State militants.

After the shootout, authorities arrested eight perpetrators and found the body of a female suicide bomber and another mutilated body detonated after the explosion.

French intelligence confirms that Abaaoud was involved in four other terrorist plots in France since spring. According to French Interior Minister Bernard Cazenueve, Europe needs more intelligence sharing.

Gaping Holes In Europe’s Borders

Some members of the party that attacked Paris last Friday were originally from France. One of the militants travelled to Syria from his hometown in France and returned despite his passport having been confiscated and he is under surveillance.

Abaaoud had travelled across Islamic State to Europe at different times, including an attack plot in Belgium last January.

The incident had brought to light the immense inability of security services to simultaneously monitor large groups of European Muslims who had fought once for the Islamic State or even spot possible terrorist attacks at present.

Thousands of Britons Stuck in Sinai Resort May Be Stuck By New Suspension

Egyptian authorities had intercepted EasyJet’s flights from Sharm el-Sheikh to the United Kingdom after approval from the UK government to retrieve all UK holidaymakers from the resort back to the United Kingdom by the end of Friday.

UK transport secretary Patrick McLoughlin, who was hopeful the issue would be resolved by Friday, did not comment on the suspension of British flights.

EasyJet said on its website that “high level political talks” are on-going to resolve the hold-up, much to the dismay of 3,500 Britons stranded in the resort for days following the A321M crash.

Hand-Carry Luggages Only

As everyone remained confused, EasyJet said it was moving according to orders of both governments. It had also advised that passengers are only allowed to carry hand-carry luggage. Large baggage need to wait seven to 10 days as the UK government will sweep the luggage for the possibility of bombs.

Staff at the resort said the United Kingdom had once complained about the resort’s lack of security as it asked a tightening of security procedure. This has contributed to the slowdown of admitting holidaymakers to and from the resort.

According to some passengers, the security didn’t look similar to when they arrived as the employees were lax in checking their luggage.