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Boots On The Ground: US Sends Marines To Fight Using Artillery In Syrian Civil War

In a move seen by many as an escalation in the US efforts to contain the situation of Syria, the United States Army had sent a regiment of troops to provide backup artillery offensives against the Islamic State in Syria. Marines have been deployed from their ships in the Middle East and had established artillery outposts near Raqqa.

Analysts were quick to mention the deployment could induce further “mission creep” and place US forces in the frontlines that may have The Pentagon to use conventional forces in Syria. The US artillery forces would provide offensive for US-backed assets in the country.

According to US Lieutenant General Stephen Townsend, the US had provided indirect offensive support to Special Operations troops in the area such as the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System.

According to military commanders, Trump’s administration had also helped them avoid “micromanagement” in making decisions everyday on engaging the enemies overseas. The new rules of engagement include fighting the Islamic State by air using Apache helicopters and training local assets further for offensives.

The Pentagon said the entire operation of using boots on the ground for artillery is only designated as a “reassure and deter” mission. According to political analysts, the presence of US troops were only to ensure both Turkish and Syrian opposition fighters only fought against the Islamic State and the troops are there to destabilise the growing rift between the two assets.