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Lewis Hamilton Loses Against Nico Rosberg in Abu Dhabi’s Grand Finals

Formula 1 Racer Nico Rosberg had defeated Lewis Hamilton in the finals of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on November 23 for the second world title. Now, Hamilton is at a disadvantage following the controversial double points decision of the championship’s final race.

Now, Lewis Hamilton will have to be second to Nico Rosberg to be in the same scenario.

Rosberg had recently defeated Hamilton in Brazil, reducing the gap between the two Mercedes drivers to just 17 points. The German driver was flawless in his performance and had won four races. However, Hamilton has 10 races under his belt.

He had only once defeated Hamilton in a Monaco Race where Hamilton was eventfully slowed down at the pit stop.

Despite his brilliant performances, Rosberg receives criticism. By winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Finals, he can definitely prove his critics wrong. He had been the fastest in all practice and qualifying sessions and has led the races.

Most analysts say that Rosberg is the only one who could stop Hamilton’s continuous streak. They also point to Hamilton’s spin on lap 28 where the costly error had put him behind his Mercedes teammate.


Roger Federer Loses Third Title in a Row to Djokovic

The 2012 tennis season ended on a low for Roger Federer as he lost his third title in a row to champion Novak Djokovic at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. In a high-stakes, high-class final at the O2 Arena in London, the 31-year-old gave it his all, but was ultimately unable to best Djokovic and went down 7-6 (8/6) 7-5.

Although Federer is the most senior player of the top four competitors in the sport, being five years older than Rafael Nadal and six years older than Djokovic and Andy Murray, he is determined to begin the 2013 season competing harder than ever.

“I think it’s the love for the game, the appreciation I get from the crowds,” he said, when asked about his commitment to the sport. “I think you need inspiration, motivation from different angles to keep you going because it isn’t that simple just to wake up every morning and go for another travel around the world, another practice, another fitness workout, another stretch.”

Another source of motivation for Federer is his ability to inspire the next generation of tennis players. He remarks, “I love playing against particularly young guys just because, to many, sometimes I’m an idol, which is very strange to me, to be honest. But it’s nice seeing them grow, see what the next generation comes up with. So, for me, that would suffice as well.”

Despite the less-than-ideal ending to this season, the Swiss star is nonetheless satisfied with what he achieved in 2012, wrapping up the year with a seventh Wimbledon title and an Olympic silver medal.

“I think it’s been a fantastic season to be part of,” he said. “Four different grand slam champions, then having the Olympics as well was obviously very unique.”

Federer will enjoy a two-week holiday before an exhibition tour in South America next month, and then he will begin his training and preparations for the 2013 season. “I need to practice a whole lot more next year,” he said. “I have some catching up to do from that standpoint.”