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Duchess Katharine Might Be Losing Her Appeal

According to writers and surveyors, Duchess of Cambridge Katharine Middleton, also known as Kate Middleton to the entire world might be losing her appeal. While the world respectfully gives her and her husband Prince William the treatment due, back here in the UK, she just seems to be some other person.

Some observers said that it is possible that the media has “moved on” from showcasing Kate. It is also possibly the “love-hate” relationship the British press and the public has with the royal family.

According to surveys, 89% of British women don’t have any interest in stepping into or becoming a Kate Middleton even for a single day. Only 6% of British men said they would date her. She comes fourth in the list after Prince Harry, the Queen and Prince William.

Feminist Commentator and Author Germaine Greer declared Kate has “a bastard job”, is “too thin” and the Duchess has been “made to go through” pregnancy again.

Women’s Wear Daily published the attitudes of the women in the US and UK questioning the validity of the “Kate Middleton Effect” and finds women are gravitating towards individuals who are showing independence instead of dependence.

It might be a falling out of love with the beautiful duchess. It might also be because the public is now focusing on realism


North Korean Drone Considered a ‘Toy’ By Military Specialists

According to Seoul’s Korean University Cyber Defense Professor Kim Hyoung-joong, the North Korean drones that crashed on a South Korean island on Monday was poorly-designed. He said that it functioned very simply like a ‘toy’ and its design had been outdated for many years.

Netizens who saw the image of the downed North Korean drone thought it looked like a model aircraft that most people created in their childhood rather than seeing an advanced military drone.
Kim points out that regardless of design, drones do not have to look like or function too high-tech. Their purpose is only surveillance, and if the design can fulfil this task, then it is useful for the North Koreans.
However, the drone only had a poor quality camera that cannot take a video and it had no way to broadcast images.
Observers said that North Korea’s drone shows how antiquated and outdated its military equipment and arsenal truly is. According to Centre of Korean Studies at the University of London Dr. James Hoare, many of North Koreas equipment had come from World War II. This is also the primary reason why they put so much in rhetoric when engaging countries they consider hostilities.
North Korea had not yet released an official statement regarding the crashed, antiquated drone.


Prime Minister Cameron Renews Pledge to Fight Child Pornography

British Prime Minister David Cameron renewed his vow to rid the United Kingdom’s data highways of child pornography and sexually-violent media. He said that child pornography continues to rise in the UK. Simulated sexual violence, such as rape or abusive activities, in mainstream pornography will also be filtered.

Prime Minister Cameron also urges search engine giant Google to remove searches about child abuse and warn people about the nature of the media they are about to access. Google is also asked to give specialist police enough powers to allow them to close the Internet to paedophiles and paedophilic material

However, observers say that the UK’s powers are limited because most child and sexually-violent pornography is hosted abroad. Open Rights Organisation representative Jim Killock said that the UK could only enforce its laws on its land and the foreign-hosted media could only be filtered once it reaches the UK’s dataways.

Sexually-violent pornography, or “Extreme Pornography” is identified by government as scenes of simulated rape, violence, physical abuse and unnatural fetishes. The government pledges to outlaw these forms of media.

Prime Minister Cameron plans to have Internet Service Providers ask their clients whether they would like to maintain access to online pornography, to which the Internet service provider’s filters would work for the household.

Google said that it has a zero-tolerance measure against child pornography online and immediately blocks or removes a website with such content. Microblogging and social media network Twitter plans to make a tagging system that would ban hosting photos of pornographic nature.