Britain’s High Quality Healthcare Is Not Without Flaws

BBC revealed that England patients needed to wait for months before they were advised to leave the hospital. In their post regarding British healthcare, the BBC revealed that hospital records in the NHS revealed patients who remained stuck in UK hospitals for 100 days from 2013 to 2016.

According to the BBC, hospitals said they did not have enough community care to provide for their patients — most patients were left alone, leaving them isolated and “frightened.” Most of these patients were aged 70 to 90 years of age.

One case BBC highlighted was of an 89-year-old patient named Iris Sibley who spent more than six months in Bristol’s Royal Infirmary. She needed a nursing home — instead she was left alone in the room.

Isolation had also left a man who needed home care dead due to chest infections as he was found to spend his days alone in a room and became “extremely distressed.”

One report indicated that of a 62-year-old patient in an NHS Trust in Mid Yorkshire, who stayed about 449 days in a single room. Without further details from the BBC’s Freedom of Information Act request, the woman’s identities were revealed but the data indicated there are 130 patients who had waited for more than half a year to be discharged from their hospitals without proper care.