US Intelligence Data Proving Trump Won With Russian Help ‘Ridiculous” According to US President-Elect

Reports of Russian meddling through cyber influence and several hacking attacks suggest the country’s intelligence forces may have helped place US President-Elect Donald Trump in his current position. The President-Elect refuses to believe the suggestion despite overwhelming evidence that the attacks did not originate from China.

According to House Intelligence Committee Democratic officer Adam Schiff, Russia is probably behind the hacking attacks. He said that it was not China nor it was a “400-pound guy in New Jersey or anyone else” and strongly suggested it was the Russians behind it. Working with two Republican and Democratic leaders in the committee, they have secured strong evidence that suggests Russian activity had taken place.

According to Republican Senator John McCain — working with the Democrats — said the activity may have likely affected the elections but it is not restricted to only furthering Trump’s influence.

US Intelligence uncovered Russian hacker activity to exploit Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton’s damaging emails that had reduced her campaign influence and may have been Russia’s bid to disillusion the United States with its political process. The CIA reports that Russian hacking had helped Trump to ultimately win the US election.

In an interview, US President-Elect Donald Trump did not believe the statement. He said Russia’s involvement in the matter was non-existent and he won “fair and square.”